New Publisher Program

Beginning 2018, KLTCC will launch the New Publisher Program. This program introduces new ASEAN publishers to Malaysian market.

The main aim of this program is to invite a number of targeted ASEAN publishers which never attended KLTCC to introduce these publishers to the local publishing industry players and vice versa. This program is a great platform and provides rewarding opportunities for both local and new foreign ASEAN publishers to exchange ideas and generate new business opportunities besides providing a plethora of exceptional business opportunities for the publishers from meetings outcomes with exhibitors and trade visitors.

Do check out this page from time to time as we would provide details and information on confirmed attendees for this program!

Date Details
April 29th  - Arrival and Check in at Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
April 30th  - Business Matching Session 1
 - Book Fair + Publishing House Tours (Together with Executive Tour)
May 1st  - Business Matching Session 2
 - 'Kudapan' and Networking Session
May 2nd  - Business Matching Session 3
 - Visit to the National Library + Book Store (Together with Executive Tour)
May 3rd  - Check out

New Publisher Program's Participants


Mrs. Angkana Wongwisetpaiboon
Publishing Manager Woman Publisher     Woman Publisher is a new publisher based in Thailand. Mainly  published non-fiction books that concern on femininity issues. Even though most of the publications are about woman, other genres are also available. In the near future, Woman Publisher plans to publish other categories for Thai readers and ASEAN region.
Mr. Dexter Ngo
General Manager Rex Institute for Student Excellence (RISE)      
    RISE is a company that engages in, conducts, and carries on the business of developing, publishing, marketing, selling and distributing tools, products and services that will aid educational institutions and teachers on the use of assessment and research, towards the achievement of students’ learning goals.

Laurabel M. Francisco
Product Management Officer
Mr.Amir Beig Muhammadi
Director Tamass Literary Agency  
   Tamass founded in 2014 with a vision to transform the traditional notion of a literary agency into a new type of company to help people manage their creative ideas in a more strategic way. The agency represents all aspects of Iranian Writers and Persian books. Tamass is representing almost 50 Iran's book authors and their works (Adults& Children). Each of these absorbing books relates stories that will carry young readers to a different world. We wish to bring their voices forward and hope these lovely books can find their place on the bookshelves of young readers all around the world.

Noridah Kamari
Not Specified Unggun Creative    Unggun Creative started with a vision to publish high-quality Malay literary works from Singaporean writers. We believe that exemplary works of literature should have a good command of the language, embrace a forward-thinking philosophy and communicate its purpose succinctly.

farihan_unggun-creative.jpgMohammad Farihan Bahron
Not Specified
Lingying Chong
Manager Asiapac Books      Asiapac Books is Singapore's leading independent publisher of educational comics and illustrated books designed to enhance lifelong learning. Asiapac Books publishes books in many genres, mainly philosophy, history, literature and culture. Our titles also include non-Asian themes. Over the past three decades, with thousands of titles sold worldwide, Asiapac Books has established itself as a heritage brand in the global book industry.

Sopiah Husaini
Managing Director Blueprint Publishing Services  
Aminah Mustari
Not Specified Pustaka Al-Kautsar    
   Pustaka Al-Kautsar is an Islamic publisher in Indonesia. Founded in 1989, Pustaka Al-Kautsar provides Islamic teaching contents books to serves Muslims in Indonesia and abroad. Pustaka Al-Kautsar had published almost a thousand book titles with specific product line and serve various range of age. Under the name of Salsabila and Pustaka Al-Kautsar Kids, Pustaka Al-Kautsar has been providing books for young reader until now.

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